Satellite data, location measurements, precise prognoses and risk assessments, based on our reliable forecasting and assessment models, form the basis of our services.

Satellite-Supported Asset Management

For many years, sensors have played a role in many aspects of our everyday lives. Satellite sensors see much more than the human eye. We unlock the benefits of satellite data in order to protect your agricultural and forestry investments.

Due Diligence with Reliable Location-Specific Characteristics

The productivity of your land depends on the successful combination of many factors, such as location, weather, and soil. We do not rely on opinions, instead, we evaluate for you the location at hand with reliably measured data.

Land Purchase after Yield Potential Assessment

Retrospective, long-term observation and forward-looking prognoses reveal the prospects and risks of your land investments. We analyze the yield potential and apply our models and experience to ensure the success of your investment.