• We analyze a desired region with regard to sustainable cultivation for agricultural or forestry purposes
  • We are able to simulate future climate changes
  • We can say if, for example, the cultivation of vineyards in southern Sweden will be economically feasible in the near future
  • As the investor, you profit from the expanding food sector

Would you like to know the advantages or disadvantages of the region of your agricultural investment, now and in the future? We provide you with the information decisive in making a long-term, successful investment. As a part of this process, we can “look into the future” for you with prognostic data. Based on weather simulations, we examine different scenarios of climate change and provide you with the possible opportunities and risks of your potential investment.

You provide us with the location of your land investment. We’ll provide the proposal for analysis.

In the analysis, we check regional characteristics such as:

  • Geographical location of land investment (farmland, forest, cities, etc.)
  • Underlying soil quality
  • Typical water conditions
  • Topography (southern-facing slope, lowland plain)
  • Normal weather conditions (precipitation, temperature)
  • The occurrence of extreme weather events
  • Climate change and future conditions necessary for growth (case scenarios)
  • Opportunities through climate change (cultivation of other crops)
  • And more

Near-infrared satellite image for the differentiation of field and forest areas with higher (red) and lower (blue) biomass


You will receive an objective evaluation of the current status as well as the future prospects of your agricultural region.